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Hi, I'm Kaelen Wolf, author, emotional wellbeing coach and Mace Energy Method (MEM) practitioner.

My journey of self-discovery and transformation started at age 29, when years of living with low self-esteem, depression and stress finally overwhelmed me. I burnt out, had a mental breakdown, and quit my corporate IT job because I couldn't function normally anymore. This led to the ending of my decade-long romantic partnership and the life I had built around it.

This series of life-changing events sparked a transformational journey through deep psycho-spiritual work, studying philosophy, meditation, counselling modalities and the Mace Energy Method (MEM).

Through my experience of living with and overcoming low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, alcohol abuse, eating issues, victim-mentality and unhealthy relationship patterns, I have been inspired to support others.


My journey inspired me to write a book, Reclaim Yourself, and to offer 1:1 sessions to support others on their own paths of self-discovery, transformation and wellbeing.


I look forward to helping you along your journey.

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